Selected Papers


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Pache, AC. (24th November 2021). “Attention Allocation in the Context of Institutional Pluralism: How Boards Manage Attentional Challenges in Hybrid Organizations“ (paper with Julie Battilana and Channing Spencer) – Management Research Seminar in partnership with ERA Chair in SI.

Fayard, AL. (27th September 2021). “Enacting a Collaboration Space for Social Impact through Common Grounding“ – LFI Research presentation and Internal kick-off of the ERA Chair in SI.

Selected Book Chapters


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Selected Conference Proceedings


Fayard, AL. and Pache, AC. (2022). “Common grounding, rather than common ground: How to nurture cross-sector collaboration for social innovation” – paper nominated for OMT Responsible Research Award at the Academy of Management 2022.


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Gopstein, D., Fayard, AL., Apel, S. and Cappos, J. (2020). “Thinking Aloud About Confusing Code: A Qualitative Investigation of ProgramComprehension and Atoms of Confusion” – presented at EuropeanSoftware Engineering Conference and ACM SIGSOFT Symposium on the Foundations of Software Engineering (ESEC-FSE).


Fayard, AL., Bill, V., Chase, J and Kush, S. (Oct 2019). Designing Interactive Artifacts to Generate New Modes of Engagement in an Academic Makerspace. International Symposium on Academic MakerSpaces.


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Case studies


Holm, A. E. (2022). Michelin in India: managing internal and external stakeholders – Parts A & B; Alison Holm – submitted to Ivey Publishing


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