February 28 @ 18:15 20:00

In this roundtable we will discuss about the trajectories of immigration and gentrification in the city of Lisbon, and its implications on the life, economy, identity, opportunities and creativity of local communities, with a special focus on african migration. We invited to the roundtable researchers with a focus on migration, the neighbourhoods of Talude and Quinta da Fonte and local representatives of AMRT, to foster a discussion which will deepen our understanding about the city.

Researcher NOVA-SBE – Doctoral in Economics – Migrations
Jorge Malheiros (IGOT – UL) Doctoral in Human Geography
Aurio Sebastião (AMRT) – Master in Labour sciences (ISCTE)
Rolando Borges (AMRT) – Degree in Sociology – (Un. Aberta)
Otávio Raposo (ISCTE) – PhD in Anthropology
Joana Lajes (ISCE) – Phd in Urbanism
Moderators: Mais uno +1


Mais uno +1 Collective, DESIS Lab at Nova SBE and Nova SBE Community Engagement Department