KPMG Final Showcase

May 6 @ 12:30 14:30

During an afternoon dedicated to innovation and collaboration, C3’s final exhibition will showcase the partial transformation of the KPMG Gallery at Nova SBE with fast prototyping.

C3 is project that seeks to transform the KPMG Gallery at Nova SBE into a dynamic hub that fosters creativity, innovation, and inclusion. Since its inauguration in 2018, the gallery space has evolved, prompting the need for a redesign to better serve the diverse needs of students, faculty, staff, and the wider community.

Leveraging the expertise of KPMG, the project aims to revitalize the gallery, emphasizing collaboration, serendipity, and engagement. By recognizing the importance of informal interactions in shaping organizational culture, the project seeks to create a space that not only optimizes physical usage but also stimulates meaningful social interactions.

This event marks the culmination of a two-month journey, emphasizing community, collaboration, and creativity. Through inclusive processes and guided by principles of accessibility and modular design, our diverse team with all participants has generated innovative solutions to meet evolving needs. Join us as we celebrate the gallery’s revitalization and embrace a future where creativity thrives and community prevails.


Nova School of Business & Economics

R. da Holanda 1, 2775-405 Carcavelos, Portugal
Lisbon, 2775-405 Portugal
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