Ideation Workshop for the KPMG Gallery

April 11 @ 13:30 15:30

Join us for a dynamic and engaging research workshop aimed at reimagining the KPMG Gallery into a vibrant hub of creativity, inclusion, and collaboration!

This workshop is part of C3: Community, Collaboration, Creativity a project created by the DESIS Lab at Nova SBE with the support of KPMG that aims to rethink the space of the KPMG Gallery, a connection space for the community that has evolved, prompting the need for a redesign of this area to better serve the diverse needs of students, faculty, staff, and the wider community.

The project aims to emphase collaboration, serendipity, and engagement within the space. By recognizing the importance of informal interactions in shaping organizational culture, the project seeks to create a space that optimizes physical usage and stimulates meaningful social interactions between people with different needs and that everyone feels comfortable using the space.

What to Expect from the Ideation Workshop:

  • Engage in an interactive session designed to brainstorm ideas tailored to the varied needs and aspirations of the community within the KPMG Gallery.
  • Acquire invaluable insights about how people with different needs feel in the space and unlock its potential for driving transformative change within our community.
  • Collaborate closely with a passionate cohort comprising individuals from diverse backgrounds, including our team of KPMG Design Fellows.
  • Experience a dynamic and inclusive atmosphere where every voice is valued, and every contribution propels us closer to our shared vision!