Exhibition opening – PLACES OF (IM)PERMANENCE

February 15 @ 18:00 20:00

The collective Mais uno +1 orchestrated a transformative residency, inviting artists, curators, collectives, and researchers to delve into impermanence. The program not only aimed to stimulate conversations for project development in Bairro do Talude and Quinta da Fonte but also emphasized the value of engagement, reflection, and dialogue. Sponsored by the DESIS Lab at NovaSBE, the initiative goes beyond showcasing results; it endeavors to amplify the voices of communities, offering visibility and recognition to those integral to our society and nation. In the spirit of connection, the program for February and March ’24 fosters a platform to engage, reflect, and honor the stories of migration, social impact, and neighborhood ties.


Mais uno +1 Collective, DESIS Lab at Nova SBE and Nova SBE Community Engagement Department