Designing the Community Garden at Nova SBE

February 24 @ 10:00 12:00

Join us for an engaging and collaborative workshop that aims to shape the NovaSBE Community Garden in alignment with the aspirations and insights collected from the NovaSBE community and the Quinta de São Gonçalo neighborhood. We already know what our community wants to see happening in the space. Now we need to start defining and designing the space according to these wishes. And we want to do it with you!

What’s in Store:

An Interactive Design Session that will make you dive into the creation of our community garden. We’ll go through individual reflection from a sensorial experience at the space, to team work on sharing experiences and analysing the data previously gathered until we finally reach the moment of collaborative designing with all participants.

What is the Community Garden at Nova SBE?
The DESIS Lab @Nova SBE together with Johanna Pfeffer, a Master’s student in Management, with the support of Cascais municipality have been brainstorming the creation of a Nova SBE Community Garden in Rua da Holanda, a street that connects the school to the neighboorhoud.
A community garden is a place where different groups of people can meet, organize and participate to activities (such as yoga, mushroom growing, talks about permaculture or reading), and of course plant some flowers and herbs. In our case, we want our community garden to bring together students, teachers, staff and local residents to enjoy of all of these activities and many more!

We have the space, and over the past months, we’ve collected information from various members of our community through talks, forms and workshops regarding their preferences for the space and the activities they would love to engage in there. So now we are moving to the next phase which is: starting to think about what the space should have to address this different areas of engagement.

Organizers and facilitators

This activity is organized by the DESIS Lab at NovaSBE and the NovaSBE Sustainability Department and is led by:

Beatriz Bento, is the DESIS Lab Community Manager, a creative mind that’s passionate about connecting with people and promoting impact.

Susana Santos, is a Sustainability Officer at the Department of Sustainable Impact. She’s passionate about collective, climate action, and the construction of a regenerative future.


DESIS Lab at Nova SBE and Nova SBE Sustainability Department


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