The DESIS (DESIGN for Social Innovation and Sustainability) Lab @ NOVA SBE is the programming and community engagement arm of the ERA Chair in Social Innovation. We believe that to innovate with purpose and develop sustainable solutions to complex social issues requires creative collaboration and a design thinking mindset.

The DESIS Lab aims to provide NOVA SBE students and anyone in our local communities with opportunities to tackle social and environmental issues and develop sustainable and impactful solutions.

We offer workshops, produce the Design Thinking Roundtable Podcast, and provide mentoring.

Launched in November 2022, we are part of the DESIS International network, a group of academics, researchers and students who orient their design and research activities towards social innovation.

The DESIS Lab @NOVA SBE actively collaborates with departments and programs across NOVA SBE.


Design Jams

A one-day event open to anyone co-organized with REDDE DESIS Lab (Faculty of Architecture, University of Lisbon) that uses a design thinking approach while working on a project tackling a social or environment issue. 


Our podcast through conversations with passionate designers and inspiring social innovators explores various aspects of design and how it can create change and social impact.


Social Innovator in Residence

Social innovators and entrepreneurs who come to spend a week at Nova SBE to share their experience and enthusiasm for social impact with our students, staff, faculty, partners and the general public. 


Leveraging our design thinking expertise to develop hands-on interactive learning experiences  focusing on multiple topics such as storytelling, prototyping, co-creation and design your life.