C3 Community,Collaboration, Creativity

C3 is project that seeks to transform the KPMG Gallery at Nova SBE into a dynamic hub that fosters creativity, innovation, and inclusion. Since its inauguration in 2018, the gallery space has evolved, prompting the need for a redesign to better serve the diverse needs of students, faculty, staff, and the wider community.

Leveraging the expertise of KPMG, the project aims to revitalize the gallery, emphasizing collaboration, serendipity, and engagement. By recognizing the importance of informal interactions in shaping organizational culture, the project seeks to create a space that not only optimizes physical usage but also stimulates meaningful social interactions.

Through a community-centered process,

the project aims to develop sustainable solutions over a two-month program, ensuring alignment with the evolving dynamics of campus life. At the core of the project lies a commitment to sustainability, co-creation, accessibility, and inclusion, guided by modular design principles…

…that helped us create our Roadmap:

1.   Mapping Nova SBE’s community perspectives
March 08-24, 24
Generate conversations about the gallery today and tomorrow through interactive inspirational boards.

2.  Research Workshop – Accessibility
March 12, 24
Understanding and listing of challenges of accessibility and inclusion on the KPMG Gallery with the support of people with disability engaged as consultants from Access Lab.

3.  On-site Primary Research
March 18 – April 08, 24
Observation and interviews to understand and list the uses and needs of both Nova SBE community members as well as other community members.

4.  Ideation Workshop (registration open here)
April 11, 24
Brainstorm ideas based on the insights from the research phase to collaboratively generate a wide range of potential solutions.

A layered team to make it happen!

Our team is comprised not only of members from the DESIS Lab, including Maria Guimarães, DESIS Lab mentor and our partner Nova SBE Innovation Ecosystem (IECO) representative, but also enthusiastic KPMG representatives who serve not only as participants but also as advocates, bridging perspectives and bringing the principles and values from KPMG to the table.

Recognizing the challenges of engaging GenZ students and accommodating the constraints of academic calendars, we are also involving as part of our team a core group of KPMG Design Fellows who will champion the project throughout its duration.

The KPMG Design Fellows are students that can be doing their Bachelors or Masters, passionate about community, innovation, collaboration and interested in interacting with others and hands-on learning.
In this program, they take on multiple roles: advocates of students’ perspectives, champions of the process among their peers, and connectors with our KPMG partners. They will be working in close collaboration with the DESIS Lab, helping us facilitating the process (doing research, participating to workshops, doing outreach, etc.)

Meet our KPMG Design Fellows for the Spring’24 semester:

Laura Ferreira, Master in International Development & Public Policy

Manuel Estriga, Master in Impact Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Mariana Santos Silva, Master of International Master’s in Management

Riddhi Varma, Master in Management